Zoom fatigue - A study by the Institute for Employment and Employability IBE

Zoom fatigue describes the fatigue that occurs after numerous virtual meetings during the day and over the week. Many go so far as describing exhaustion.

“Where once there was one meeting after another in the diary, now it’s call after call. No need for a break; after all, you don’t even need to change rooms. Just a couple of clicks – and the screen is full of other people, lined up like a collection of antique busts: head and torso visible, nothing more. In the background, bookshelves, wardrobes, a kitchen interior.” (Ina Karabasz, Handelsblatt 15/07/20)

The Institute for Employment and Employability IBE has been studying this phenomenon and conducted a survey in early September 2020. The timing was deliberately selected because, in view of the COVID-19 crisis, virtual working environments with virtual communication and teamworking have been part of everyday life for many employees for six months now. After half a year, the first sustainable effects can be derived and a first empirical view becomes possible.

The following questions are discussed:

  • Do you experience zoom fatigue?
  • How often do you experience zoom fatigue?
  • At what intensity do you experience zoom fatigue?
  • How does zoom fatigue manifest itself?
  • What bothers you about it?
  • What can help reduce zoom fatigue?

The results are now available both as a text version and a shorter version consisting of slides and charts:

Text version (long form)

Slides and charts (short form)